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Long Gone…Gone Long!!

Been off here a looooong time! Too much has happened, too much time passed. Not going back.

My hubby and I are still quilting together and still enjoying it….who knew!! LOL He is working on a flag inspired quilt right now that is really nice…many many many flying geese. He’ll be an expert at them by the time he gets done.

I just finished a really abstract pattern batik quilt for a raffle prize at hubby’s H.S. reunion this coming weekend. The pattern is about 6 years old from one of the big quilting magazines. I made this pattern before (pic) for another raffle prize, and it sold tickets!! Batik Quilt It came out great, I think. Here it is not yet quilted….it’s on the frame right now, and I am doing a pantograph pattern on it in smoky charcoal thread. I’m very pleased with it.

I guess that’s it for now. Oh, yes, I guess it’s worth mentioning that I am again the Chair of the Cotton Patch Quilters Guild 2014 Quilt Show, on February 8 & 9, 2014. This is the 2nd show I have chaired. It was so much fun 2 years ago I decided to do it again. But that’s it. The last time!!


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Quilts For Kids & Round Robin with Sewful Sisters

My hubby and I occasionally do a sewing day with the local Quilts For Kids chapter, and a couple of weekends ago we had such a great time sewing with our friends. All in all 10 quilts were brought in or finished that day. Here are some pictures.

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Wool Applique and a Couple of Small Quilts

Here is a cute little quilt my mom and I did for a baby shower recently. It is a pattern using hexagon pieces without set in seams, and is really quite clever. I think it came out pretty good.

A few months/weeks ago I talked about doing some wool applique, and that my mom and I had felted some wool sweaters. Here are a pin cushion and small sewing kit I made from that wool. I love how rich the colors are. I am not big on hand work, but I enjoyed doing these. I took them to the Kern County Fair to work on while we were babysitting the guild’s quilt.

I belong to a doll quilt swap on an online quilting forum, and here is one of my latest DQs that went across country to my secret partner.  I like this one!!





It is neon colors of batiks.  I wish the colors showed up better, but sometimes the camera washes out the color.  It was really “electric”!!





I almost forgot….here’s a photo I took of our little cat Iris.  She went to sleep on the arm of the chair after I shooed her off my lap about 6 times.  She was pouting, and just fell asleep like that!! LOL

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My Quilt on My Friend’s Blog

Thanks to my friend, Kay Pennington, who has the Quiltedtime blog, for putting up a picture of one of my quilts.  It’s the Big Red Ocean Waves I blogged about a few months ago.  We had our bi-weekly quilting group get together last night, and I showed the quilt there.  Anyway, I feel very honored to be on Kay’s blog…she does the most astonishing work!!  Be sure to check her blog out!!

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An Update on My Low Dose Naltrexone RA Treatment

Just a quick update on my RA condition…I have now been on the Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for 1 year 9 months. I am feeling very well. Well being the important word. I feel WELL. Not like I have an incurable disease. Sometimes my feet still hurt some, and when it’s bad allergy time here (late spring and late summer), then I don’t feel as well. But honestly, 80% of the time I do feel WELL. How many of you RA people out there can say that with your biologic meds treatments? Look at all the potential side effects of those meds…infections, increased chance of cancer, etc. It’s true! Many people (more than they would like you to know) get infections and cancers. Look into the LDN…it’s ridiculously safe and inexpensive, and I can tell you that it will Change Your Life!!


Another OLD Davis Vertical Feed 1 Treadle

A couple of months ago I saw this Davis on our local Craigslist.  Too much money, and besides I don’t need another Davis.  Right?  Well, I couldn’t get my mind off of her…I knew she was probably in poor shape, but that’s almost always a big attraction to me.  So….a week later, there she is again, at almost half the original price.  I sent a message….where do you live, and do you want cash?  Next day we go get her.  Sure enough…cabinet and coffin top are very rough, but hubby says he can fix.  She won’t ever be top notch condition, but we have been working on her mechanicals, and I got her to sew.  DH still has a clamp on part of her cabinet to hold it together so it won’t rattle apart when I’m treadling, but she’s definately a keeper!!  I wish I knew the owner’s great-grandmother’s name who owned the machine, but he didn’t remember.  I like to name my machines after the original owner if I can find it out.  Well, here she is.  No decals left after baking in a hot Central Valley garage for 35 years.  Boo!